Strawberry Festival & Silent Auction

Follow this link to see a list of items for auction.


Tag Sale

It’s time to start thinking about the tag sale. We have some larger items starting to arrive. We are accepting donations now!

This year, the tag sale will be on Friday and Saturday, August 2, and 3rd.

Click here for a link to an online signup.

We have some simple, basic rules. Remember, please to:

Lew Petit, hawking a cornbread mold. Lew is our chief organizer again this year.  Thanks Lew
  1. Mark your items with a suggested price.
  2. Signup to help at the actual sale.  A signup sheet will be available during worship and coffee time this Sunday.
  3. Did I mention we need your gently used stuff?! (Although we cannot sell used old computer equipment or televisions, personal hygiene items and VHS tapes.  Also we do not accept clothing.)

Hurricane Relief

Early last week, the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas were hit directly by Hurricane Dorian, at that time a very slow moving, category 5 hurricane. Recent reports suggest that as much as 60% of the island’s housing and infrastructure is completely destroyed. Dorian remains a powerful and dangerous storm as it slides past the Carolinas, thankfully many miles offshore. It will cause extensive damage there too.

What now?!

There will be massive clean-up and restoration efforts and Church World Service and the United Church of Christ, two of our affiliate organizations, will be responding. You may give to either organization by putting a check in our offering. You can make checks out to the church and earmark it hurricane relief. We’ll credit your account with us and mail out one (or two checks in the coming weeks).

Thank you for your help.

Letters of Support Requested

A coalition of Conference Ministers is gathering in Washington D.C. in late September for an action of witness and meetings with legislators around the plight of asylum seekers and migrants at our southern border. The key focus will be speaking out against the practice of separating children from their parents and keeping children in unsafe and inhumane conditions.

We need letters from adults and children urging our leaders to end these practices. Can you help? Instructions and a sample letter can be found here:

The timing is tight. I need the letters by Monday Sept. 16th (Vermont Conference UCC, 36 North Main St., Randolph, VT 05060). These letters will be joined with those collected at UCC churches around the country and then hand carried by the Conference Ministers in attendance. (Alternatively, according the website letters can be mailed directly to the UCC Office in Washington D.C. by September 20. United Church of Christ, Washington D.C. Office, c/o Susanne Breen, 100 Maryland Ave. NE, Suite 330, Washington, D.C., 20002.

In the face of such massive challenges on so many fronts, here is an action we can take together. We can make our voices heard not just singly or as one Church or one Conference but as an entire denomination. Be brave! The “least and the lost” need our voices in such a time as this.

Rev. Lynn Bujnak,
VT Conference Minister

Welcome Back — Fall Schedule

As for the essence of all things, it is this [Qi or energies of divinity] that is life.
Below it generates the five grains;
Above it becomes the arrayed stars.
When it floats between Heaven and Earth, we call it ghosts and spirits;
When it is stored within a person’s chest, we call that person a sage.

Inward Training, Circa 4th Century BCE

Because of our busy end of summer scheudles, our greetings and re-connections will take place over the course of the month, no doubt! It’s a beautiful and exciting thing . . . we’ll just let it happen and soak up the vitality it slowly pours back into our bones.

The first Sunday for our children’s church school will be this Sunday, September 8. Our choir will also sing for the first time since early June! Our welcome back potluck brunch will be after worship on September 15.

Other activities will be re-commencing and reconnecting early this month. Here’s a brief list:

  • Christian Ed Committee Meeting — September 3, 5 p.m.
  • Thursday evening Choir Rehearsal — September 5, 7 p.m., chapel
  • Wednesday Bible Study — September 11, 9 a.m., Peter’s Study
  • Laundry Love — Second Wednesdays of the month, September 11, 5 p.m., Waterbury Laundromat
  • Welcome Back Brunch — September 15, 11:15 a.m., Dining Room

Thank you S.T. Paving!

Last week S.T. Paving dropped off a load of left-over asphalt and filled the remaining potholes in our parking lot. . . no more broken axles!

If you see John Reynolds, the owner, please give pass along your appreciation. They used left-over material and were able to do it for us free of charge.

ST Paving Crew at work in Mid-May

Letter to Church School Parents

Dear parents,

Summer is zipping by and we will soon take a rest from church in August. The Christian Education Committee wants you to know that we are not resting completely! We are making plans for Church School in the fall and we continue the search for a new C.E. Director.

Here’s a general outline of our thoughts so far:

On September 8th, our first full Sunday back in action after summer vacation, we are going to start with a splash by leaping into the story of Noah!

In October, we plan to put Noah’s work into action by visiting and/or helping a local animal shelter.

For November, we plan to get involved with Heifer International — an organization that believes the way out of poverty is to provide the means (by providing animals) for poor communities to help themselves and then share their offspring with their neighbors. We hope to organize some bottle drives to purchase an animal for Heifer International to give away.

Approximately once a month, we will invite children to stay upstairs with everyone else in worship. That may be a communion service or a regular service with a longer children’s time and a shorter adult ‘s time. We know personally, and research bears this out, that children who worship with adults on a regular basis become more resilient, cooperative, and fully involved community members in their later years.

We will need your help to accomplish all of this. First, and most importantly, by building enthusiasm with your children for participating. Also, we are widening our search for CE director. We have advertised several times in Front Porch Forum and are now advertising statewide through the Vermont Conference Newsletter. If you know anyone who might be interested don’t hesitate to mention it. Anyone of us or Peter would be happy to have a further conversation.

Finally, On September 8th, we would like you to meet with us after church to review the details and schedule of events. We would appreciate having you sign up for one Sunday a month to do such things as:

  • lead a lesson
  • help with a car pool
  • help with a bottle drive

Have a great summer. We look forward to seeing you on September 8th!

The C.E. Committee:
Ben DeJong
Kristin Wolf
Dan Senning
Harriet Grenie

Job Opportunity

Everett Coffey is looking for a teenager who might like to earn $10 – 12 /hour for helping him clear out his attic. It would be a one day job (9 am to 3 pm or so). Lunch is on Everett. If you would like to earn a little extra cash, simply email him at

Strawberry Jam for sale

Very kindly and generously, Harriet Grenier made strawberry jam on Monday from the strawberries that were not consumed on Friday or sold on Sunday. I’ve consumed a jar of it already and can say it is the essence of summer in a jar. Pick up a jar on Sunday and leave a donation in the basket.

Last Weekend’s Fundraiser Revisited

Our inaugural pairing of the Silent Auction (in its second year) with our Strawberry Festival (in it’s 44th year) went really well. We had a banner turnout — serving over 350 people. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere here was easy and welcoming. Between the silent auction and the supper, we grossed over $8300.

There are so many people to thank that I can’t really do it justice. However, individuals on the two committees deserve singling out. For the Strawberry Festival Committee: Harriet Grenier, Cindy Senning. Deb Utton and Alice Durkin. For the Silent Auction Committee: June Hibbs and Diane Leavitt.

But as the Chair of the Board of Finance put it last Sunday, it was one of those occasions when everyone, each in his or her own way, small or large, contributed toward making it work. Without everyone’s help, cooking, cleaning, preparing, setting-up and tearing-down, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you, thank you!

Seeking Christian Ed Director

Christian Education Director

Purpose Statement or Mission:
To oversee and to provide leadership for /in developing, strengthening, and sustaining Christian Education programs designed to meet the needs of all the community members wherever they are in their faith journeys.

• Education Program Development for the entire church community. 1) Act as resource for current ideas regarding church school and Christian education activities. 2) Work with the Board of Christian Education to evaluate programs and develop new ways of carrying out program.
• Administration of education and youth programs. 1) Regular attendance at CE Committee meetings, Church Council meetings, and staff meetings. 2) Develop and implement a Sunday morning Christian Ed program in coordination with the Board of Christian Education. 3) Order, distribute, evaluate, and encourage effective use of curriculum material, equipment, and supplies.
• Designing new/desired education and youth programs.
• Lead middle school age – to high school age youth group(s). Procure parental support for youth group(s) meetings and activities.
• Provide leadership development for teachers, youth group leaders, youth leaders.
• Offer seasonal programming.
• Mission education/administration – includes carrying on existing children and youth mission programs.
• Work with confirmation team.
• Provide education about worship and leadership in worship.
• Encourage music programs within the general education program.
• Seek to provide intergenerational programming.
• Keep the church informed of activities of church school and youth groups.
o Prepare yearly budget with assistance of the Board of Christian Education.
o Prepare and submit Christian Education information for Annual Report.

Working relationships: Works closely with the Pastor, parents, teachers, volunteers and Christian Education Committee. The Pastor will provide direct supervision.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required. Experience in teaching a must and church education based experience preferred. Skills in music and/or arts preferred.

Work Schedule: An average of 8 hours per week.

Salary: $7000

Contact the church at 244-6606 or