Wallace Farm Fundraiser Dinner

Sunday April 29th there will be a pasta dinner at the fire station to raise money for Rosina and Kay Wallace. Some area churches are pitching in making dessert. If you’d like to donate baked goods, please contact Jill Chase at 244-1455 or oicha@comcast.net. At the moment, we’re not sure exactly what or how much is needed, but information will be shared as it comes in. Thank you!


2018 Call to Artists

     We are excited to host our 4th annual Community Art Show this July! Amateur and professional artists, artisans and crafters are encouraged to participate in this fun, friendly show, which celebrates the wide range of creativity in our community. All media are welcome — from painting to photography to ceramics to jewelry to textile to … whatever you are making and willing to share with the community!
       This year’s theme is “Art & Remembering.” How does art connect with remembering for you? Perhaps you work in a traditional form that connects to the past? Do you make things to keep your memories alive? Maybe you blend the old and new through your materials or your methods or your subjects? You as the artist decide how the theme connects to your work.
       The show will run from July 1st through August 1st, and will be open during the Waterbury Arts Fest. Participation is open to residents of Bolton, Duxbury, Middlesex, Moretown and Waterbury. Applications are available here (paper copies are available at the White Meeting House, 8 N. Main St., Waterbury). Applications are due June 15th. A donation of $10 is suggested to support publicity efforts.
      On Sunday, July 1st, we will host an artists’ social and opening reception. The show will also be open on Saturday, July 14th for the Waterbury Arts Fest.
     Meeting House Arts is a collaborative project hosted by the White Meeting House.  Its goal is to provide more opportunities for local artists to show their work, and for local residents to enjoy more art.  Questions can be addressed to Torrey at 244-8581 or torreycsmith@yahoo.com.

Talk and Workshop with Emily Mitchell

On Top of the World by Emily Mitchell

Emily Mitchell will be sharing a talk with the community during the Sunday service on April 29th. Worship starts at 10 and ends by 11, followed by coffee and a snack. All are welcome!

That afternoon, from 2 – 4PM, she will offer a workshop: work with paint, paper,  and stencils to create an amazing, colorful and vibrant layered springtime inspired piece of art, which you will be able to take home that day! All art supplies are provided. Cost is $30. Sign up for her workshop by emailing her.

Find out more about Emily and her work on her website: http://emilymitchellstudio.com

Easter 2018

Easter Sunrise


We continue in the tradition of participating in an ecumenical Easter Sunrise Service on Easter morning (April 1).  We meet at the parking lot of the Blush Hill Country Club just in time to see the sun rise over the lip of Hunger Mountain, 7:00 am.  I will be planning and leading the service this year.  We try to keep it short (it’s always cold!).  It is a beautiful, fairly quiet moment as we await the boisterousness of the rest of the morning to come!


Along with the responsibility to lead the service, we have the pleasure of serving a warming breakfast to our brothers and sisters in Christ who have braved the cold and the early morning hours.  Please sign up to help on this Sunday.

Full Easter Celebration

At 10:00 am we will be called to order by the sounds of a 16th century dance of joy played by a brass quartet and the organ!  The brass will hang around to accompany our hymn singing and be joined by a few other instrumentalists in a rousing rendition of The Strife is O’er by the choir.  Happy, happy Easter it will be!  I hope you can join us.

Two Concerts

Bach Organ Marathon

On Sunday, March 25, 2018 starting at 1:30 pm, the fourth annual Bach Marathon will fill 14680648_1248334685228283_3137735499860464658_nthe sanctuary of Christ Church in Montpelier, with the glorious music of J.S. Bach.  Five organists, plus some piano students, will perform.  All donations will benefit the music scholarship program in the Montpelier Public Schools.  Come and go as you please; there will be refreshments; tell your friends!



Hoffstra University Chamber Choir

This fine ensemble will be performing in our sanctuary this evening!

From their Facebook post comes this blurb:  Please join us for a fabulous evening of music, with special guests from Harwood High School! Featuring works by Jake Runestad, Veljo Tormis, William Billings, and many more.

See more at their Facebook site here.

Easter Lilies

DSC_0079This Sunday, March 25 is the last chance to order Easter Lilies. They are $13.50 each payable to Proud Flower. You may please take them home after Easter worship to enjoy, and even replant in your garden to bloom again in the summer of 2019.

Silent Auction Date Set

The Silent Auction Fundraising event is off to a great start with over 25 items donated to-date. The bidding will begin on Sunday, May 13.  On Sunday afternoon, May 20, from 2 pm to 5pm there will be food and entertainment while bidding finishes.  The whole evening will conclude with a live auction of the top bid receivers.

Items donated so far include a cord of wood; various musical instrument lessons (piano, flute, clarinet, sax, or ukulele); kayaking on the Reservoir or sailing on Lake Champlain; artwork by area artists (John Snell, Emily Mitchell, Paul Haverstick, Jeremy Ayers and Matt Larson); home-cooked dinners; handcrafted items (whirligigs, hats, gloves); and more

Stop by the table during coffee time after worship to talk with Jill or June about your donations or call/email with any questions.

Jill Loewer: 802-375-3934 – loewerjc@sover.net

June Hibbs: 603-817-8390 – june.hibbs@comcast.net

Socrates Cafe!

As you may know, we are part of a loose organization of churches known as the socratesWashington Association.  Once a year or so, we get together for an activity, worship, lecture, or just a business meeting.
This year our meeting will be on Sunday, March 18, at 1 pm in our sanctuary.
The actual business part of our meeting will be neither complicated nor long — this is mostly an opportunity for us to gather as a different configuration of the church from our usual and enjoy a moment of prayer and conversation.
The cool part of our gathering this year, is that after our brief business meeting, we will introduce our guest, Harwood Union High School philosophy and civics teacher, Ms. Kathy Caldwell.  We have invited her for her experience with a kind of discussion group called Socrates Cafe. Kathy will be joined by a student of hers, Seth Davidson, to help facilitate.
A Socrates Café is an opportunity to have real, back-and-forth, respectful dialogue about timeless and timely questions that all human beings deal with in their lives. Rather than being a debate or even a discussion, a Socrates Café is a dialogue where participants are encouraged to listen to each other and to learn from one another. This form of discourse — and its focus on the search for knowledge — comes from Socrates, who observed that, “Wisdom Begins in Wonder.” These gatherings are open to all members of the community, regardless of age, experience or background.
Socrates Cafes are based on the work of  Christopher Phillips’ ideas in his first book, Socrates Café. This idea, that people learn more when they question, came out of Phillips’ frustration back in the mid 1990’s with the growing polarization and intolerance of our society.  He began these gatherings by inviting anyone who wanted to engage in a quest to gain a better understanding of human nature and of the questions that animated the times. Today, these open-invitation meetings at cafes and other public places continue and are based on a driving question. The focus of the dialogue at our Spring Meeting at the Waterbury Congregational Church on March 18 will be around our UCC tagline,   “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey you are welcome here.”  The specific question for the Socrates Cafe is : What does welcome mean?  Is everyone welcome at your church?  What about fundamentalists?  Are there boundaries to your welcome?  Is this a wishy-washy motto, leading to pluralism or does it challenge us to be clear with our convictions?
The Cafe will begin after our gathering prayers and business meeting (around 1:30) and will conclude at 3:00 PM.  Everybody is welcome! No matter your role in your church, no matter your educational background, no matter your religious background, please join us.