2016 Annual Report


Though you may read the Annual Report here, please bring a church printed copy to the Annual Meeting on January 29, 2017 so we’re all working from the same document.  Thank you!


Minutes January 31, 2016 Annual Meeting




Special Services Performed by Rev. Plagge

Floral Ministry

Board of Christian Education

Board of Outreach

Board of Business Administration

Board of Finance

Proposed 2017 Budget


Trustees Exhibit

Proposed Slate of Officers and Board Members

Annual Meeting Potluck

A few of us have missed the post meeting meal which for many years was provided by the women of Circle II.  So we propose to re institute a meal, except this time it will be potluck. Bring a dish to pass, it can be warm or cold or lukewarm. We’ll have the ovens on low so that hot food can be kept hot while we worship and have our meeting.  Cold foods can be placed in the refrigerator.  Remember this is for fun!  Nothing to complicated (crock pots work wonders) and nothing that requires all sorts of preparation time for anyone at church.

We hope to see you at the meeting and at the meal following!

Confirmation Class, Second Semester

Please continue to think about and pray for our confirmands this year as they are now halfway through the year and starting to think about what it means to be connected in important, committed ways to this community we call our church.  It’s a big deal and an important moment.

Class now will meet on Sundays following worship from about 11:30 to 12:30 in our usual place, upstairs.

The schedule is as follows:

  • January 15, 22
    (January 29 is annual meeting.  No class, but you are encouraged to attend.)
  • February 5, 12, 19
    (February 26 and March 5 are vacation Sundays, no class.)
  • March 12, 19, 26
  • April 2, 9, 23, 30
    (April 16 is Easter, no class.)
  • May 5 & 6 (Friday and Saturday) Confirmation Retreat
  • May 7 is the date for Confirmation Sunday.

Please note we will schedule at least one Sunday for a field trip, probably to the Greek Orthodox church, and one Friday afternoon to attend worship at the Islamic Society of Vermont in Colchester.

Thank you!


My dear Church Community,

Thanks so much for the out-pouring of support during December.  I loved all the prayers and cards.  The food was delicious.  We had so much to do to get through the day — it was nice not to have to cook.

Thank you to those who came to the funeral.  I saw many of you, but could not say hello.  I was surprised at the number of people who attended.  Roy’s family was suffering so much at the funeral I had to stay with them.  Our kids are still suffering a lot.  They left on 12/27, reluctantly.

The church community will be one of my support systems going forward . . . thanks so much for your support and prayers — I will find peace each week at church.

There are no words to show my appreciation!


Wendy Haupt

Annual Meeting News

“The Annual Meeting of the Church will be held on the last Sunday of January of each year in the Church at an hour set by the Council. Notice and warning of the meeting will be given at the Sunday service next preceding the date of the meeting in such manner as the Council will decide.” — Article X of the Waterbury Congregational Church Bylaws

The church council has determined that “next preceding the date” means the Sunday before the meeting, which this year is January 22. The annual reports are finished and there are copies in the church office, chapel and narthex.  Please pick up a copy this week.

Thank You!  And we hope you mark January 29th on your calendar to stay a little late on Sunday morning and attend the annual meeting and the potluck lunch following.  Member or not, you’re welcome to be a part of it.  (Bylaws, however, allow for only members to have right to vote.)


Snow Shoveling Schedule

Many thanks to the following families who have generously agreed to adopt our walkways for a week during the winter to keep them free of snow and safe.

January 9 – 15:  Tom and Diane Leavitt

January 16 – 22: Ben DeJong

January 23 – 29: Tom and Angela Young

February’s schedule will be filled over the next few weeks.  You can sign up here:

Alternative Gift Fair

After the live nativity on Sunday morning (12/18), we’ll be coming inside to the dining gift-png-fileroom to have a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and good conversation with each other (a significant and important part of our time together!) On top of that, our Confirmation Class will also be inside leading our annual Alternative Gift Fair.

For those not in the know, an alternative gift fair is an opportunity to purchase gifts for friends and family at the last moment.  You will be given the opportunity to send money (through the church) to one or all of four different non-profit/charity organizations, and we will give you a card to send to your family member or friend, saying that you’ve donated to “x” charity in their honor. The four charities are:

  1. Kiva.org — This is an interesting micro-credit concept started by a few entrepreneurs in San Francisco about 10 years ago, leveraging both the power of the internet to connect people (lenders), and micro-loans to empower people (usually developing world business men and women).  Their motto: “We envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.”
  2. Heifer Project International — This organization has been around for decades and also leverages the power of small gifts to multiply across time and geographic region by harnessing the power of animals to provide and reproduce and people to share.
  3. World Bicycle Relief Organization — Another relatively new organization, this charity is dedicated to the idea that bicycles are the means for a vast majority of people in this world to get a leg up. In the vast majority of areas of the world, walking is the one guaranteed mode of transport.  A bicycle offers the real and immediate benefit through access to goods, services and especially education for women. “Powered by the remarkable human spirit, bicycles are a catalyst to possibilities.”
  4. Healthy Homeworks — The newest charity on our list, Healthy Homeworks was started by two friends of Peter’s in Portland, ME.  The project began because Amy and Nate Smith wanted to purchase property to make available for rental in the up and coming community of Lewiston, ME.  When they got there they discovered that the  properties were infested with bed bugs.  Healthy Homeworks provides free beds to anyone willing to provide 6 -8 hours of sweat equity.  They come into the factory in Lewiston and build a bed for themselves and two other beds to sell.

Please come and do your last minute Christmas shopping with us!

Christmas Eve Schedule

Christmas Eve Services

Family Christmas Eve Service — 4 pm.
Once again the family service will begin with an extended prelude offered by our own musicians, from amateur to professional.  If you’d like tmichelangelo_merisi_da_caravaggio_-_nativity_with_st_francis_and_st_lawrence_-_wga04193o participate, please let either me or Mary Jane know so that we can formulate an order.

The service itself consists of the birth narrative (Luke and Matthew) and Christmas carols.  The hallmark of this service is a Christmas story appropriate for children of all ages (of course including adults!)  As always we’ll sing Silent Night by candle light.

Nine Lessons and Carols — 7 pm
Led by our fantastic choir, we’ll work our way through the prophecies of the birth of Jesus, the stories of his birth and the reason why they are so important even still.  The choir will sing several glorious pieces of Christmas music and the congregation will add their voice with some of the carols we love to sing — including, of course, Silent Night by candle light.

Christmas Sunday — 10 am
Christmas falls on a Sunday, and yes, for those who would like to gather for worship, you are welcome!  It’ll be small. It’ll be filled with the peace and joy of Christmas day.  It’ll be short.  But what a way to celebrate.  I do hope you can join us!