How many weblogs does it take?

I’ve always looked a bit askance at weblogs — afterall, do we really need to know the every thought of the millions of bloggers out there?  But, of course, a weblog is for a community.  And in my continuing search for easy and effective ways to keep this community of Waterbury Congregational Church, UCC updated, I thought I’d give Word Press a chance.

Besides — I am more and more interested in using and supporting opens source software and computer services.  I now use linux (Kubuntu) solely on my laptop.  I am not naive to think that all my troubles with software and with viruses and spy ware are over, but the scrutiny windows requires in order to just work was beginning to drive me nuts.  The quality of open source code is high, the sense of pride in what they do is good to be a part of, and for me, a bit of a computer hacker, fun to think that I can ruin something, and maybe even fix it.  I’ve done both.

Anyway — here goes a newslettery blog for us at Waterbury Congregational Church in beautiful downtown Waterbury, VT!

Peace, Peter


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