On October 15, with, we hope, help from other local and valley church members, we will take a walk to end hunger. The CROP Walk is one of the longest running walks in the country with the purpose to raise money to end hunger.  This easy walk (for most) is symbolic for the strenuous walk women must make each day to procure water and food. And so we say, “We walk because they walk.”

Pledge forms for walkers will be available to take home this Sunday and the next. Online registration is a great option, though is not required to participate in a CROP Hunger Walk, as it allows your supporters, near and far!, to donate securely using their credit card.

The walk begins at 1 pm, in the church lawn, with registration before.

To sponsor a walker — you can right now, go to and donate some money to our walk.  You can look up a walker if you know their name, or you can donate in general.  Thank you!





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