Annual Human Food Chain this Sunday!

For over 15 years, as soon as the weather starts getting cold and wet,  we line up from the church to the food shelf, and in a show of solidarity pass bags of food from person to person to fill the shelves at the other end. This year we’re doing it as the weather gets warmer. Why?00005IMG_00005_BURST20161106113227

This year, we are doing holding our Food Chain in the late spring because the summer months are especially difficult for the Food Shelf:  1) Donations are low since the seasons of giving happen in the late fall and winter, and 2) Once school is out and families who had been relying on free and reduced school lunch programs (federally sponsored, based on need) begin using the food shelf a bit more heavily. We hope to help keep it stocked at a time when the food-shelf is running through food.

Secondly, there are many who feel that food-shelves are a waste of good people’s time and energy.  We can at least, by our actions indicate we think otherwise.  There are a good many other people who simply don’t think about the food-shelf and the plight of the hungry families in our town.  Again, without comment, our actions suggest that here is a group of people concerned for all members of our community.

You can help by bringing a bag or two to share in the effort, starting as soon as this Sunday.  That bag can be filled with anything you’d likely want to have stocked in your kitchen shelves.

Here are some needed items:

  • Snacks (like a variety of crackers)
  • Canned chicken
  • Hearty Soups
  • Jam (other than grape!)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Canned fruit and apple sauce
  • Pastas other than spaghetti
  • Black beans
  • Baked beans

The Food Chain is scheduled for June 10, 2018 following worship. 


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