Alternative Gift Fair

After the live nativity on Sunday morning (12/18), we’ll be coming inside to the dining gift-png-fileroom to have a warm cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and good conversation with each other (a significant and important part of our time together!) On top of that, our Confirmation Class will also be inside leading our annual Alternative Gift Fair.

For those not in the know, an alternative gift fair is an opportunity to purchase gifts for friends and family at the last moment.  You will be given the opportunity to send money (through the church) to one or all of four different non-profit/charity organizations, and we will give you a card to send to your family member or friend, saying that you’ve donated to “x” charity in their honor. The four charities are:

  1. — This is an interesting micro-credit concept started by a few entrepreneurs in San Francisco about 10 years ago, leveraging both the power of the internet to connect people (lenders), and micro-loans to empower people (usually developing world business men and women).  Their motto: “We envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.”
  2. Heifer Project International — This organization has been around for decades and also leverages the power of small gifts to multiply across time and geographic region by harnessing the power of animals to provide and reproduce and people to share.
  3. World Bicycle Relief Organization — Another relatively new organization, this charity is dedicated to the idea that bicycles are the means for a vast majority of people in this world to get a leg up. In the vast majority of areas of the world, walking is the one guaranteed mode of transport.  A bicycle offers the real and immediate benefit through access to goods, services and especially education for women. “Powered by the remarkable human spirit, bicycles are a catalyst to possibilities.”
  4. Healthy Homeworks — The newest charity on our list, Healthy Homeworks was started by two friends of Peter’s in Portland, ME.  The project began because Amy and Nate Smith wanted to purchase property to make available for rental in the up and coming community of Lewiston, ME.  When they got there they discovered that the  properties were infested with bed bugs.  Healthy Homeworks provides free beds to anyone willing to provide 6 -8 hours of sweat equity.  They come into the factory in Lewiston and build a bed for themselves and two other beds to sell.

Please come and do your last minute Christmas shopping with us!


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