Chili Supper

chili2017For several years (2008 – 2014 to be exact) we’ve had a chili cook-off featuring both local restaurateur contestants and aspiring church gourmands.  I believe that Charlie Grenier was the last overall winner beating out the likes of The Alchemist and Moose Meadow Lodge.  And before that Dean King.

The problem is that we’ve switched tactics and are now asking local restaurants for their donation to our Chicken Pie fundraiser, a much more significant source of income than the Chilympiad ever was.

But because that was so much fun, and because we have such excellent chili makers in our midst, a few of us have suggested resurrecting it on a non-fundraiser basis, more like a potluck basis.  Following our success with the post annual meeting potluck, we’d like to propose a post worship chili potluck, complete with an informal vote at the end for the year’s chili queen or king.

We have decided to make March 26 chili potluck day.  Bring your chili in a crock pot or in a pot for the oven so it’ll stay warm, drop it off in the kitchen before hand and stay after for a little good fun and good hot food.

The church will provide a salad and drinks.


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