Looking for a Twin Bed (Found!)

In my role as the manager of the Good Neighbor Fund, I occasionally am requestedtwin-jenny-lind-coral-bed for help with things that require more than just some money.  Over conversations about rent, a local, single dad told me his daughter was sleeping on the floor.  I asked him if I could ask around, as they are often available for the asking, and he said I could try.

The bed is for a young girl, so, even a child’s bed would be fine.  If you have one that is in good shape that you’re trying to get rid of, please email me.  I’d love to think of his daughter as sleeping in a real bed.

Thanks for checking this out.  We found a bed already!


One thought on “Looking for a Twin Bed (Found!)

  1. Cathy Shires says:

    We have a pretty nice twin bed and mattress that we would be happy to donate to someone in need.

    I’m not sure we have a vehicle to move it. (Although if necessary we can try)

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