Invitation from Bethany Church to El Salvador!

Are you interested in a meaningful global connection?  It could begin with a trip to El Salvador!


San Salvador’s Metropolitan Cathedral.  Banner of Archbishop Romero, assassinated March 24, 1980 in San Salvador. Salvador!


Bethany UCC in Montpelier has had a relationship of friendship and solidarity with a community in El Salvador for nearly 26 years!  We’re planning a week-long trip this summer and invite YOU to consider joining us.  The first meeting of interested persons will be Saturday, March 11 at 10:00 a.m. at Bethany Church, 115 Main St., Montpelier.  Here are answers to frequently asked initial questions about our trips:

  1. This is not a work trip.  The time in our community is spent doing things friends do together: talking about our daily lives and what is important to us, singing and dancing, eating meals and taking walks, celebrating the successes in the scholarship and sewing projects we sponsor.  We also take day trips from our guest house in San Salvador, for education, recreation, and inspiration.
  2. We will probably go sometime in August, when the country will be celebrating the late Archbishop Oscar Romero’s 100th birthday.
  3. The basic cost is $100/day plus airfare.  This includes everything but tips and personal items.
  4. You don’t have to speak Spanish.  We are never without translators.
  5. Regarding safety, we are in the very good hands of our savvy Salvadoran hosts 24 hours/day.
  6. Yes, it’s hot.    

Our trips have always been fantastic!  Please consider joining us this time. Contact Theresa Lever if you have any questions about the meeting or the trip.; 802-229-0415


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