Carolyn Enz Hack showing landscapes, sculpture through May 7

We have a beautiful new exhibit of paintings and sculpture by Thetford artist Carolyn Enz Hack.  The show, called “Town by Town,” explores how traditional landscape paintings might be able to incorporate history and time into their imagery.  The show is open through May 7th from Tuesdays through Fridays, 8:30AM to 4:30PM, and admission is free.

Shadow of the Winooski - smallerShadow of the Winooski — Waterbury, Vermont
by Carolyn Enz Hack.  Acrylic on linen, 28″ x 30″

   “The works are colorful and somewhat abstracted, but you can always find clear references in them — the quarries in Barre, a view of Camel’s Hump, the ferris wheel in Tunbridge,” says Torrey Smith, the show’s organizer.  “When I saw the work for the first time, I had that crazy feeling that it was something new but, at the same time, it was something I already knew.”

Enz Hack had made traditional landscape paintings for more than a decade, “but then, in 2011, I also began to make sculptures and they were abstract,” she explains.  “Working in three dimensions got me wondering if I might be able to represent how places change over time.”

Each of the towns portrayed in the series has personal significance to the artist.  “I chose towns in which I have spent time and then I researched historic photos, maps and documents to get a sense of how the towns had developed.”

The result is that, in addition to structures and landmarks typical in landscape painting, each piece also incorporates other elements like a bird’s eye view, or traces of maps that allow the artist to show multiple perspectives and stories.

In addition to showing her paintings, Enz Hack will be offering two opportunities for community members to learn more about her work and explore their own creativity.  On Friday, May 5th at 6:30PM, she will offer a talk about the paintings and sculpture on display — the history of the towns and the artistic process of developing a new painting language, as well as some reflections on her more abstract sculptures.

On Saturday, May 6th, Enz Hack will offer a two-hour workshop from 10AM to noon on expanding the boundaries of creative practice and developing one’s own artistic style.  Area residents are invited to spend a couple of hours devoted to questioning the limits of their art through discussion about methods, materials, and practice.  Artists, craftsmen, or anyone interested in boosting their creative capacity is welcome.  Please contact the artist directly to reserve a spot.  Suggested donation of $15 to participate.

The exhibit, talk and workshop are hosted by Meeting House Arts, a collaborative project hosted by the White Meeting House at 8 North Main Street in Waterbury.  Its goal is to provide more opportunities for local artists to show their work, and for local residents to enjoy more art. It’s always a good idea to call 244-6606 and confirm the building is open if you’re making a special trip!  If you have additional questions, email Torrey.  More about Carolyn’s work here.


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