Confirmation Retreat This Weekend

Cindy Senning and I will lead another group of 7th – 9th graders on an overnight “retreat” at Cindy’s house in the woods of Duxbury on Friday May 5 to Saturday May 6.  Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers as we focus our attention particularly on what it means to be a pilgrim, a journeyer, in the way of love made so evident to us in Jesus.

We will gather after school to head up to Cindy’s house.  Get settled in and play together a bit before dinner (home-made pizza).  We’ll have the first of several pointed conversations after dinner, watch a movie about a young girl discovering her call and go to bed!

In the morning, it’s more activities and conversation about being a young person with fresh new eyes to see the world as in our care on behalf of God who has given us the gift and then a hike up the hill to a place for worship, before we return for lunch and departure!

Our confirmands are:  Kaydin Durkin, Ava Thurston, Merry Smith and Julianne Young.


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