Laundry Love

While the argument that I made on behalf of Mary Magdalene (the putative author of the Laundry as LitrugyGospel of Mary) last Sunday put some of you to sleep (!) the practical side of that sermon attracted attention by those still awake.  As part of our recognition that Mother’s day is not just about one day of love, but about our service to mothers everyday, I challenged ourselves to engage in an effort called Laundry Love.

Laundry Love began as a church group working with the homeless in California after a conversation with a homeless man revealed that if he had clean clothes people might treat him like a human.  Big problem.  Simple solution: offer to do his laundry.

This has become a movement.  I heard about it from the Barre Congregational Church who offers laundry love services and finds the need as great as you might imagine.

Deb Utton volunteered last Sunday to help get this off the ground.  She and I have met and have some initial questions to answer.  I will be meeting with the owner of the Waterbury Laundromat to hammer out details regarding his already positive reaction to using his facility, and the Board of Directors of the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund have agreed to fund a trial run of Laundry Love over the summer.

Stay posted.




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