Laundry Love

laundry love

Laundry Love began as a church group working with the homeless in California after a conversation with a homeless man revealed that if he had clean clothes people might treat him like a human.  Big problem.  Simple solution: offer to do his laundry.

This has become a movement.  I heard about it from the Barre Congregational Church who offers laundry love services and finds the need as great as you might imagine.  Shortly after I heard about it from Barre, I received a call for help from a woman in Duxbury who was desperate to get her laundry done, but with all of the other demands on her limited income, had been unable to do it.  Now her children were being made fun of at school for smelling.  Could we help.

We did.  But that story led me to challenge you to join forces with Laundry Love.Org and try it out in Waterbury.  Well, several of you offered money on the spot and Deb Utton volunteered to help get it from dream to reality.  We are having success and are ready to make it happen!

We have received the support from the Waterbury Laundromat, who will be providing detergent to us free of charge.  The Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund will be providing the quarters, and we are advertising around town.

All we need from you are 2 volunteers each session.  Laundry sessions will be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, from 5 pm –  7:30  pm through the summer. That will be our trial balloon period.  We’ll reassess at the end of summer.

Here’s a link you can follow to go to the sign up for volunteering.

NB — Nothing about this work is difficult!  We do not touch people’s laundry.  Our only job is to welcome people who have a laundry voucher, put the money in the machines when they are ready, and tidy up a bit when we’re done.  There will be written instructions and information available.



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