Strawberry Festival Volunteers Needed

On June 23rd, our congregation will welcome friends and neighbors to the 44th Annual 384px-Chandler_strawberriesStrawberry Festival at the White Meeting House. As you know, it takes many hands to make this fundraiser a success. While clipboards for potluck dishes and festival duties will be passed in church this Sunday, again, we encourage you to use our online SIGN-UP GENIUS to let us know how you are going to help. If you do use the sign-up genius, no need to add your name to the clipboards! We will make sure that names from the clipboards are added to the online tool so things remain as streamlined as possible and so we don’t end up with 20 lasagnas.

You will note that we have decided not to pick our strawberries this year. The local farm we have worked with in the past does not have a crop this year and other farms’ prices are high. Instead, we will focus our fellowship efforts on hulling! We’ll have music going, fun treats and the hullers out.

This year, we are adding “apprenticeships” to the roster of duties. Have you ever wanted to sign up to run the dishwasher but are afraid of that giant, silver contraption? No worries. You can work with Marty to learn the ins and outs of dishwasher operation. Always wondered how those biscuits are made? Sign up to work with Harriet in the kitchen on Thursday morning and we promise, you’ll be a pro my mid-day.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort and we look forward to a super Strawberry Festival.


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