This fall, the photography group f/7 has been sharing their large-format photographs in a show at the White Meeting House. Centered around the theme of “Grace,” each of the seven photographers contributed several images that explore this concept for them. On Friday, November 16th, Meeting House Arts is excited to host a reception with the artists from 5 to 7PM. It is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served and it’s fun for all ages.

The collective of seven photographers all hail from Central Vermont. They have been meeting for several years to talk about their work, learn from each other, and find new challenges in their photographic explorations.

“Our styles, techniques, favored subjects, and artistic philosophies vary,” explains Lisa Diamondstein, one of the group’s members.

This collection of work really offers the viewer a great sense of different approaches artists can use to portray the world around them. For example, Lisa Diamondstein and Annie Tiberio’s landscapes are panoramic and literal, while Rob Spring’s become abstracted. John Snell’s close-ups of water offer a riot of saturated color — not colorless at all, the way we usually think of water. Sandra Shenk’s mountain-scapes and Julie Parker’s botanicals both use computer processing to change the feel of their images from photographic to print-like. Elliot Burg’s highly-focused portraits pull you in to really examine the people he portrays, to try and get to know them. 

“We critique and support each other’s work, share ideas and perspectives, and seek ways to stretch our individual and collective artistic horizons,” says Ms. Diamondstein.

“We have loved having these beautiful photographs in our sanctuary,” says Pastor Peter Plagge. “It’s such a pleasure to sit with them for awhile, and then to step close and try to see more about how the photo was taken or what additional nuance it might offer.”

Anyone who likes to snap photos on their phone or their SLR will enjoy the show — and meeting the artists behind it on Friday the 16th. Please come by! The show itself will come down by Thanksgiving; in the meantime, it is open Tuesdays through Fridays, 8:30 to noon, or by appointment (244-6606).


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