Members: John Bollard, Gary Winnie and Curt Utton

Two major projects occupied the board’s attention this year:

  1. The removal of our old oil-burning furnaces and the underground storage tank and the installation of two high-efficiency York LP fired furnaces and a larger 1000 gallon propane tank in place of our old 250 gallon tank.
  2. The repair of the corner spires which have begun to rot due to improper flashing and sealing against the elements.

The board put out to bid the furnace project to 3 different companies.  In the end we choose Chuck’s Heating and Plumbing from Colchester, VT to do the work.  They were the only company who provided specs close to what we were looking for.  The whole project was instigated by the fact that our underground storage tank was reaching the end of its life and we did not want to face the environmentally devastating prospect oil leaking from the tank into the ground and or ground/water.

We hired Ross Environmental Associates from Stowe, VT to do the work which they did during the first week of August.  The storage tank was found to be in “fair condition.”  Analysis of the soil around the tank revealed acceptable readings of 0.0 to 0.5 parts per million.

The entire project was approved at a special meeting of the congregation on June 3.  The total cost of the project was $16,739 ($11,464 for the Chuck’s, $3,450 for Ross Environmental and $1,825 for Bourne’s) coming in well under the approved $25,000 due to the fact that there were no complications.

Our second project was started by Steve James in mid-August.  Because he discovered more rot and complications than expected when he examined it in November, he only completed one spire for a cost of $2000.  The for this project was placed in our operating budget at an estimated cost of $3000 (the other $1000 for sundry repair items.)

To complete the project this summer, the Board is requesting approval of Article IV.  (Passage of Article IV will also approve money required to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator at the request of the Board of Deacons.) Steve James has again agreed to do the work.

We thank you for your continued care of this beautiful building – the way you treat it, volunteer to maintain it on a weekly basis, and give of your income to its operating budget and its endowment. 

Respectfully submitted,

The Board of Business Administration


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