The deacons meet monthly (except in the summer) to discuss the weekly deacon schedule, church events such as baptisms, holidays, communion, & specific parishioner concerns.    Every Sunday one deacon assists with the service by lighting & extinguishing candles (Ned Davis graciously performs this when he is present), taking attendance (discussed further below), taking the collection, passing the microphone during Community Matters part of each service, and tidying up the pews after each service.  In addition to these routine duties, this year:

  • We continue to take electronic attendance in an effort to help realize if someone is out for an extended period of time.  Diane Leavitt continues to add photos to each parishioner’s name in the Church Management software so that it is easier to identify people and to remember names of newcomers. Guests 1-10 were added to account for additional visitors to the attendance roster.  We have also added the feature to group family members to our attendance list.
  • We coordinated Laity Sunday on July 15, 2018.  All the deacons took part in this service.
  • We assisted with communion and special services as needed.  We had no baptisms this year.
  • We assisted a Guest Pastor, The Rev. Anthony Acheson, when Peter was out of town.  
  • We provided coloring pages and crayons for young children attending the early Christmas Eve service.  We also purchased luminary bags and tea lights to decorate the church outside for Christmas Eve service.
  • We sent cards to parishioners who may be ill, injured, or who may have lost a loved one.
  • Peter, Polly and Cindy Senning participated an Active shooter workshop at our church. Peter created a document for our church based on his experience with the workshop. The deacons discussed and reviewed Peter’s document on the ALICE Plan (active shooter).  The document will be put forward to the congregation in the beginning of 2019 to review and discuss.  The Gun Policy and ALICE Plan will be referenced during the Church Annual Meeting.                                                                       
  • We have arranged for a CPR and AED (defibrillator) training on February 5, 2019. The training will allow up to 15 members of the congregation to participate.  We are investigating the purchase of a Zoll Plus Defibrillator for the church.  Church Council has approved the purchase of an AED unit.
  • Church Council has approved our request to purchase a fire escape for the third floor of the church and the Church Council has directed the Board of Building Aministration to pursue this project.                                                                                                                                  
  • Additionally, we are still in the initial stages of a discussion regarding the hymnals.  We wish to determine if the ones we have are still meeting the congregation’s needs.  This issue will be referred to a separate hymnal committee.

Many thanks to all the deacons: John Bollard. Tom Leavitt, Diane Leavitt, Jill Loewer and Cindy Senning.  Rebecca Noyes will be joining us as a Deacon in January.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Leavitt, Chairperson & Secretary


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