It was a busy year for the Board of Outreach and the following is a summary of the work accomplished thanks to your generosity and support.

In March, the Board voted to invest $4,000 of OikoCredit money in the Vermont Community Loan Fund.  The Fund is a mission driven, community focused alternative lender. It provides loans and other resources to local businesses, community organizations, non-profits and other organizations that do not qualify for a loan from a traditional lender.  The term of the investment was ten years which capitalized on an interest rate of 3%.

One Great Hour of Sharing was held on March 11th.  Through the generosity of the congregation, $1,227 was raised.  Funding through OGHS provides help for communities around the world who suffer from the effects of disaster, conflict and economic hardship.

In May, our church was the collection point for Church World Service kits. In total, 33 cases containing hygiene and school kits and 5 buckets with clean up supplies were assembled and collected from seven neighboring churches. Our church constructed 40 hygiene kits

The Board discussed moving the Human Food Chain from November to June, as the summer months see more scarce donations to the food shelf.  The date of June 10th was set, but due inclement weather and lack of participation, the event was not as successful as hoped.  Discussion will continue as to whether to try again, perhaps in May, or continue with the November tradition.

A joint worship service with Waitsfield and Warren was held at our church on October 7th.  After the service, we hosted a pot luck followed by the Crop Walk.  The walkers raised almost $3,000, of which $889 was returned to the community to support the Waterbury Food Shelf, the Duxbury Elf Shelf, and the Mad River Valley Interfaith Council food shelves.

On October 21st the Neighbors In Need collection was taken during the service and totaled $867.  Neighbors in Need is a special mission offering of the United Church of Christ that supports the ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States.

In early December, the congregation generously donated items, including socks, gloves, toothpaste, toothbrushes, a gift card to the Village market and shampoo.  The items were assembled into 39 gift bags for the residents of the Kirby House, and were delivered on Christmas Eve.

We continue to encourage food shelf collections and had various contests throughout the year.  Most recently, four food collection bags were handmade by Elaine and Russ Snow so that you can bring the bag home as a reminder to fill it with food and return it to the church.

Through the Board of Outreach budget, these additional donations were made during 2018:

  • $50 to Central Vermont Foster Parent Association to purchase school supplies
  • $200 to the Good Samaritan Haven
  • $150 to the Heifer Project
  • $250 to the Vermont Low Income Advocacy Council

We continue to collect loose change to support the Heifer Project, and 2 animal banks were donated to receive your pocket change.

The Board would like to thank the congregation for your generosity and continued support of our many projects.

Respectfully submitted,

Carla Lawrence, Chair
Debbie Utton, Secretary
Alice Durkin
Polly Sabin


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