2018 was a smooth year for my work as treasurer. We continued with the systems we implemented in 2017. I gained confidence in all aspects of the job including paying bills, managing payroll, producing finance reports for the Finance Committee and Council, and recording all deposits made by Financial Secretary.

Diane Leavitt stepped up to help with doing the monthly reconciliation and covering for me when I am away. It is a huge help and we have a much smoother system for keeping all our records current and bills/payroll paid in a timely fashion.

Cash flow has been a little tighter this year. The Finance Committee will be reviewing the financial reports to see why this is so. While we still have a positive cash account at the end of 2018, it is down from the start of the year which means we dipped into it to pay some bills. It is so important that all of us keep up with our pledges, our primary source of income. We do count on them for sound financial operations.

That being said let me repeat what I said last year and the year before. I call it the treasure’s mantra!  “Your financial support of the church is admirable. Please keep those pledge commitments coming in on a regular basis. Having a clean, sufficient cash flow makes this job doable and keeps our church on a sound financial footing. Thank you all!”

Cindy Senning, Treasurer


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