It’s an ancient practise: people with few means head out to the fields after the harvest has been taken in to pick up what little remains there are for their family to eat. Perhaps the most famous story is of Ruth, who, after returning, widowed, with her widowed mother-in-law, to Bethlehem, resorts to gleaning in order to survive and there meets her future husband, Boaz.

Now you can help the Ruth’s of their world find their Boaz! Community Harvest of Central Vermont is a gleaning organization that delivers their gleanings to food shelves around central Vermont and they are nominated for a Red Sox Impact award — $10,000 if they win. How do they win? They need you to vote for them.

Here’s what Allison Levin, director and founder of CHCV wrote:

Everyone can vote and it is very easy, it will take you just a moment and you don’t need to provide any personal info. Please show us your support and help Community Harvest of Central Vermont win by voting at

We need all your votes and please share with others you know too.
You can help gleaning in a big way, with your vote!

Thank you all for all the ways you help make our gleaning work possible.

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