poinsettia-redIt is one of the Christmas traditions at our church to decorate our sanctuary with red and white poinsettias that have been purchased by individuals in honor
or in memory of a loved one, or a group of people, or indeed ad maiorem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God.

You can do purchase a poinsettia at a special price of $12.50 through the church.  We’ll pass around a sign-up sheet during the next two Sundays.  If you’re not going to be here, but would like to purchase one, just email us the details and snail mail us a check, made payable to “Proud Flower.”


First Youth Group Meeting

The youth group consisting of 8th – 10th graders will be meeting this Thursday, November 9, in the church kitchen at 6 pm.  We’ll make pizza, and enjoy the fruits of our labor over some planning conversation.  Please come if you fall in that age bracket.  And bring your calendars, as we’ll try to plan future meetings then.


Church School This Week

We’re Making Matzoh!

When the Israelites fled Egypt after the Passover, they packed their belongings and goods in a hurry. They could not afford the time to let their dough rise, and so they mixed it without leaven. Water, oil, salt and flour were the only ingredients, and it was baked very quickly.

Today we call it matzoh, and as we continue our studies on the Exodus, we will spend this Sunday in the kitchen making this historical cracker! We will be getting all flour-y, so have your kids dress in clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty.

If we don’t burn the matzoh, we’ll try to have samples for everyone to try during coffee!

We will be taking the children downstairs at the beginning of church, so that we will have a full hour with them this week.

See you then!

CROP Hunger Walk Thanks!

It’s been a terribly hectic fall, and it feels as no surprise that our CROP Walk was a bit CROP-Logosparser this year than it has been in past years.  Nevertheless, eight walkers showed up, six from our church and two from others, and “We walked because they walk.”  It was a small gesture, but always good to remind ourselves that we live in a world of vast inequalities, and that some of our brothers and sisters, who are no different than us in so many ways, are different in one important respect.  They have to walk miles a day to collect clean water for cooking, drinking and bathing.  They are no different from any of us, except that girls receive no education because they spend their days walking in order to provide from their families.  They are no different from any of us, except that one square meal a day is a rarity.

So we walked, with your support, to send money to Church World Service to partner with them in their effort to eradicate hunger around the world.  It’s a big deal.  But one that is only accomplished by lots of little parts all working toward that end.  We were eight, but we will send over $1000 to Indiana, the headquarters of CWS as a result of our efforts.  Thank you everyone, and thank you Board of Outreach for holding our feet to the pavement!

Halloween Concert

It’s the TRUE story of “Peter and the Wolf!”

Coming up at the end of October will be this kid-friendly, one-hour woodwind quintet performance, which will include an introduction of the kind of instruments used and several seasonally spooky selections. The highlight is a narration of the timeless classic, “Peter and the Wolf.” Special guest narrator/composer Peter Hamlin has composed some alternate endings for the story, which will involve audience participation. There are door prizes, and everyone will get a treat at the end of the concert! Audience members (young and old!) are urged to come in a costume — the musicians will be dressed as their Peter and the Wolf roles — because there will also be a parade of costumes! October 29th, 2 PM in our sanctuary!


FullSizeRender (1)

Church School is on the Exodus

The Exodus Begins!

We are moving along nicely on our study of Moses and the Exodus. Up to now, they have reached the point in the story where Moses returns to Egypt after hearing from God in the burning bush. This coming week will find us learning about the many ways used to try to convince the Pharoah to let the Israelites leave. From a magical rod to frogs to flies to darkness, convincing the Pharoah was a losing proposition.

Upcoming weeks will find us studying the Passover, and we will be making matzoh in our kitchen. That day is scheduled for October 29, and we will take the kids downstairs at the beginning of church in order to have time to measure, mix and cook.

We are excited to be sharing this study with congregation. As with any of the books of the Bible, the closer we study it, the more we understand. The Exodus is an integral part of the “story,” and by working through it, we are putting together a puzzle that will end only when the Israelites find the Promised Land!

–Tom Stevens

Apple Pie Sales

The first of two fall fundraisers starts in earnest next week as a few of us will gather in the evening to prepare 200 balls of pie dough in anticipation of two nights of fun pie-making for you!  83c96245-22eb-4ef1-9446-ef21a746b0a7

We are scheduled to sell pies all day at the two Williston rest areas (north and south bound) on Friday, October 6 and Monday (Columbus Day), October 9.  We hope to sell 50 pies at each rest area on each day.

So . . . . . on the day before each sale date, we’ll gather in the kitchen to peel apples, make filling and roll out pie dough.  We’ll have sign up sheets in church for the next two Sundays. On Thursday, October 5, I’ll start peeling apples late afternoon and anyone is welcome to join.  Officially the pie-maker in charge is arriving at 5pm.  Come on down when you can.  We hope to be all done by 8 pm.

On Sunday, October 8, we’ll have pizza’s delivered for lunch so that we can proceed from worship in the sanctuary to work in the kitchen!

Please, please, take a look at the sign-up sheets.  We are particularly in need of people to help selling pies at the rest areas.  We’ll do a 4 hour morning shift and a 4 hour afternoon shift on each day.

Thanks so much!

Church School Starts

This Sunday starts the new year for our church school, and we’re going to start with


Our own burning bush!

study of one of the most important books in the Bible — Exodus. In fact, this book is so full of life that we will study it for a good portion of the year, right up until spring when we culminate the year with our semi-annual puppet show with an epic retelling of the story of Moses and the journey to the Promised Land!

From babies in baskets to burning bushes, from magic staffs to plagues of frogs, lice and hail, from passing over to crossing over, and to the long march toward the Promised Land and the Ten Commandments, the Book of Exodus is a story of passion, faith and perseverence. We will engage the students in many of the nuances, and lead them on a journey of discovery and understanding.

This year we will be meeting separately with our older, middle school aged students. It is important to us, and we expect to you, to keep the students engaged through their confirmation year. To this end, we will be expanding our reach to them, and using Exodus as a way to engage them in a fruitful and interesting conversation.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday, and through the year, and hope you will join us on this long journey of hope and understanding.