The church lawn and garden

Things are greening up outside and three of our community are doing their best to keep it looking trim and lovely. David and Nancy Metivier mow the lawn (between the raindrops) once a week or so, and Deb Utton has taken on the job of tending Amy’s Garden from Ann Wilson, who moved to Colorado last fall.

Thank you so much, David, Nancy and Deb!


Strawberry Festival jobs

Before we know it, the Strawberry Festival and Silent Auction will be upon us. We’ve got a good headstart on planning and coordinating what needs to be done with who will do it. One thing remains: your help by bringing in a dish to share, and by taking one of the myriad, simple jobs on Thursday afternoon and Friday evening.

To facilitate that, we are again offering online sign-up and also a clipboard to pass. Please check it out. Thank you!


From now on, you will find the current sign-up lists that need to be addressed on the bulletin board in the church library and on a clipboard in the narthex. At least until we get used to a different method of sign-up, we’ll pass them, as per usual on Sunday mornings too.

We hope that this different procedure will accomplish two things. First that it will obviate the need to pass distracting clipboards during worship. Secondly, that it puts before us and our visitors what it is that we are doing and that we rely on the help and input of all of us to make this place what it is and to do the work required of us.

Thank you!

Summer Worship Schedule

Here’s the plan for the rest of the summer:

This Sunday, July 7, worship begins at 9am and remains so to the end of the month.

July 7 — Our first Sunday at 9 am. Fourth of July observation.
July 14 — Combined worship service with the Wesleyans down the street. We’ll meet in our sanctuary at 9 am.
July 21 — Joke Sunday.
July 28 — Our last Sunday before the August break. “‘Till We Meet Again!”

You’re Invited to an Installation!

The Rev. Rona Kinsley is being installed next Sunday, May 19 at the Old Meeting House in East Montpelier Center. The service is open to anyone and will be a celebration of the enduring ministry of that church; worshipping in that spot for 196 years!

Please join us for a special celebration as we install Rona as the Associate Pastor & Teacher of the Old Meeting House. We’ll hear Rona give a brief talk about her spiritual and ministerial journey, we’ll worship together and make her ministry with the Old Meeting House “official.” After, there’ll be refreshments and conversation. We hope you can be there!

Another Successful CWS Kit-Depot

The semi-tractor trailer truck arrived on early on Wednesday morning and Board of Outreach members Polly Sabin and Deb Utton where here to greet it and help load the 500 plus kits donated by 13 different churches around Northern and Central Vermont.

We contributed 27 hygiene kits to that number and the Board wishes to extend their appreciation to you for helping out.

I arrived too late for a picture this year. So an old picture complete with a flowring tree. . . clearly not this year!

Spring Cleanup

Spring, as usual, starts off slowly here in Central Vermont and then quickly shifts to summer. Unfortunately because of the way the calendar worked this year and the way the weather has not been cooperating, The Board of Business Administration, invites you to stick around for a bit after worship on May 12 to do a little yard/parking lot work. Michael Roche will help prune our lovely ornamental flowering cherries. If you can help, bring a rake, a broom or a shovel (we have some dead leaves left over from last year that are blocking grass growth and it would be good to finish cleaning the parking lot.

We realize this is Mother’s day. If you have a date with mom, excellent! If you can stick around for a half an hour even, we hope you will. In fact we are hosting a very small wedding (which was originally going to be held in Berlin, but was moved here last week) at 11:30, so indoor work will be limited.

This church is a beautiful landmark in our village and the money and work you put into it is to be commended. I hear on a regular basis of how proud Waterbury is of the way we keep this property looking good (the assumption, I believe, is that if we keep it looking good, then we are doing good too, and so we are!) Winter always takes a toll on the property, but with an hour of work, we can get it looking good again.

Annual Meeting, Vermont Conference UCC

On Friday and Saturday, April 26 – 27, UCC delegates from around Vermont will gather at the Lake Morey Conference Center to conduct the yearly business of the Conference. Peter will attend for us (and serve as the scribe for the conference).

The business of the meeting is much like the business of our annual meeting: we’ll pass a budget, elect officers and discuss the ongoing business of the various ministries of the conference. We make future plans, and we try to encourage one another in the mutual ministry we share. One of the priorities on the table this year will be a discussion (again!) about global warming. That particular resolution, which you can view by clicking here, is titled: “Let Justice Roll Down: Declaring support for the Green New Deal and affirming the intersectionality of climate justice with all justice issues.